Thursday, May 12, 2011

Aquaponics Makes a Splash at TED Talks

A few weeks ago, a staff member from the Institute of Aquaculture gave a fantastic presentation on aquaponics at an independently-organized ‘TED’ event in England.  As you may know, TED events consist of short 20-minute seminars given by experts in a number of fields, but presented in a way so as to be accessible and understandable to everyone.  Businesspeople, scientists, artists, you name it...every speaker has an innovative topic and the presentations are always interesting!

Charlie Price is one of the founding members of Aquaponics UK, a social enterprise that works as a consulting firm for aquaponics projects around the globe.  Before deciding to do my MSc dissertation on aquaculture insurance, I was in talks with Charlie to join his team for my dissertation work!

Charlie’s TED Talk covers the basics of aquaponics and explains how a well-designed system operates exactly like a natural ecosystem, with the wastes being recycled and used by other organisms.  He then walks through a facility that his company designed and built in London- fish, chickens, plants, and even flies are all cultivated together in a harmonious environment that people can actually visit and learn more about! 

Aquaponics is a reliable and versatile way to significantly reduce the impacts that aquaculture has on the environment.  And as Charlie describes, as you include more species in the system, it becomes cleaner, more productive, more efficient, and ultimately more profitable!

Charlie’s TED Talk can be viewed here:

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  1. hi Brian, I am a journalism student at the University of Sheffield and am making a film about aquaponics. Have contacted Charlie Price and will be visiting Stirling sometime soon.

    Do you know of any domestic level projects that I could include in my film? or other aquaponics projects? I only know of 7-8 of them.