Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Want Salmon? How About a More Sustainable Choice Instead…

In BC, the environmental lobbyist’s push is towards on-land, closed loop, recirculation systems.  

Certain fish such as Arctic char, a member of the salmonid family, are produced in these recirc systems, often times domestically.  THIS is a fish you should be eating!  It is healthy (contains the same omega-3 compounds as salmon) with a mild flavor.  By purchasing char instead of salmon, you have the opportunity to directly support recirculation systems rather than environmentally-questionable farming practices OR unsustainable wild fishing quotas. 

Another example is trout, ANOTHER member of the salmonid family.  Trout are farmed in the US using flow-through systems: these systems dilute the wastes and minimize the environmental impact of the farm.  Like all fish, trout is low fat and high protein, and the taste of the meat is distinct (some people think it is too fishy).  By purchasing trout instead of salmon, you again directly support a more eco-friendly farming practice rather than industrial monoculture or unrealistic wild harvests.

Both char and trout have comparable nutritional values to salmon. 

I say put your money where your mouth is: if you want sustainable seafood, rather than farmed Atlantic salmon OR wild Pacific salmon, go out and buy char (my personal favorite) or trout.  Expand your diet for the good of the planet!  You never know…you might just like it!  

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